About the Foundation
The RWC Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation whose primary mission is to assist potential residents of Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury, Inc., by providing funds to underwrite a portion of their expenses. In addition, the Foundation fosters other operations at RWC when needs arise.

The Board of Trustees and staff provide recommendations and planning for a comprehensive and expanded development program to ensure the long-term success of the RWC Foundation.

Specifically, the Foundation is organized to:

  • Aid, strengthen and extend the work, services and objectives of RWC, Inc.
  • Help assure continued residency for those whose financial resources have been exhausted in spite of prudent planning.
  • Provide financial assistance for those eligible to enter RWC who could otherwise not afford the entrance and/or monthly fees.
  • Offer fellowship assistance to qualified individuals from the community to attend the Adult Day Program.
  • Manage its financial assets.